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  1. Author of such utter vulgarities as I Bought a Cheese and Thought of You and Ode to an Extremely Provocative Knothole, Arthur Greenleaf Holmes is bringing his specific brand of off-colour culture into whichever room in your home you're brave enough to view it in.
  2. This week, the non-profit arts organization India Center Foundation (ICF), in partnership with MELA Arts Connect (MAC), announces the formation of The South Asian Arts Resiliency Fund, a grant program for South Asian artists and arts workers in the U.S. in the fields of performing arts, film, visual arts or literature who have been impacted by the economic fallout of COVID-19 due to postponed or canceled performances, events or exhibitions.
  3. Tony Award-nominated and five-time Obie Award-winning theater company Clubbed Thumb (Maria Striar, Producing Artistic Director; Michael Bulger, Associate Artistic Director; Quinn Metal Corbin, Advancement Director) will postpone the 25th edition of SUMMERWORKS, its annual festival of new plays.
  4. For today's performance we've got  Evan Ruggiero!

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  5. Today's next round of discussion prompts will focus on the first chapter of The Untold Stories of Broadway, 'The Winter Garden Theatre'. Later today, be sure to tune in right here at 12pm as Jennifer Tepper herself takes part in BroadwayWorld Book Club, answering your questions live! You can include any questions you would like to ask Tepper in the weekly post in the Message Board.