Hello everyone! I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful sunny weather and killing your finals! The President’s BBQ is only 2 DAYS away (Saturday, June 17th) and me and my family are getting everything ready so that it’ll be an awesome day! First off, I decided to spin things around a little and instead of having a traditional BBQ with burgers and hot dogs, we are having delicious brunch food! The “BBQ” begins around noon so it’s the perfect time to have a brunch. We will have eggs, french toast, bacon, wraps, etc. for everyone to eat. There will also be vegan/vegetarian options available too! Most of the food is being catered so if you have any questions, just reach out to me! Secondly, I am hoping that the weather stays nice for Saturday so the “BBQ” can outdoors so keep that in mind if you want to bring sunglasses or wear sunscreen. This “BBQ” is for all of OTC - students and the Parent Boosters! My family and I would really appreciate it though if you could bring some sort of dessert when you come as we have everything else but that. Below are some specifics for the “BBQ”!  


TIME: Begins at 12, ends around 4ish. (Also remember the Groundhog Day trip is that night so you may want to decide if you are coming to the “BBQ” all ready for the show or going home before you go on the train)

LOCATION: 2057 Ellen Dr, Merrick NY (aka my house!)

* My house is off of Hewlett Ave or Wynsum Ave, south of Merrick Rd


Hope you are excited as I am! Can’t wait to see you all there:)




Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Senior One Acts! The performance nights are June 2nd and June 3rd but the specific dates for each group are TBA. So, make sure you are available for both nights! Keep your eyes on the lookout for next week’s schedule! Congratulations to all!

Senior One Act Cast List


Hosts of Entire Show:

Night (TBD)- Rachel Roth & Dahlia Frier

Night (TBD)- Lara Klein & Rachel Sabino


Jess, Nicolette, Michelle- Cole Porter (Dance) 

(Approx. 17-18 min w/narration)

“Tom, Dick, or Harry” from Kiss Me, Kate (3:53)

Bianca: Gina Zazzi

Gremio: James Caracciolo

Lucentio: Adam Castella

Hortensio: Adrian Cabreja


“Take Me Back To Manhattan” from The New Yorkers (3:05)

Featuring: Jenna Hinden & Cami Arzt


Laynie Seibold

Ella Perez

Hailey Kimmelman

Megan Parr

Allie Braverman 

Brianne Sheridan

Christine Ianniello

Bari Secondino


“Anything Goes” from Anything Goes (5:48) 

Reno Sweeney: Megan Parr (Dance/Vocal)


Cami Arzt 

Jenna Hinden

Bari Secondino 

Laynie Seibold

Ella Perez

Emily Turner 

Hailey Kimmelman 

Doug Gallo

Adrian Cabreja

Luke Cimorelli

James Caracciolo

Brett Allison

Adam Castella

Christine Ianniello



Quinn, Sara and Caitlyn- Rodgers and Hammerstein (Vocal)


"Oh What a Beautiful Morning": Mike DeVito (2:30)

"People Will say We're in Love": Mike DeVito, Jenna Hinden (5:00)

The King and I

"A Puzzlement" : Mark Roberti (3:00)

 "Getting to Know You" -Emily Turner

ft. Camryn Cerino, Erica Grening, Ana Slobodov, Sarah Multer, Hannah Aievoli (4:30)

The Sound of Music

"My Favorite Things" -Gina Zazzi 

ft. Camryn Cerino, Erica Grening, Ana Slobodov, Sarah Multer, Hannah Aievoli (2:30)

"Sixteen Going on Seventeen" -Lauren Nilsen, Adrian Cabreja (3:30) 



Becca and Alaina- Shakespeare: total time of all: 25 minutes

“Bruh Up Your Shakespeare” from Kiss me Kate 2 min

Alaina Anderson and Rebecca Ponticello

“Somewhere” from West Side Story and Balcony Scene Romeo and Juliet total 8 min

Maria/Juliet: Rosie Devito

Tony/Romeo: Alex Werthauer

“Let Yourself Go” from All Shook Up and The Ring Twelfth Night total 8 min

Sandra/Olivia: Presley Minerva

Natalie/Viola: Maritsa Koutsouras

“I've Come to Wive Wealthily in Padua” from Kiss Me Kate and Taming of the Shrew 3 minutes

Petruchio/Petruchio: Liam Parish 

Hortensia: Deanna Greenblatt and Lauren Nilsen

Let Yourself Go/I've Come to Wive Wealthily in Padua backup singers and Narrators 

Morgan Kaplan, Nicole Luparello, Deanna Greenblatt, Lauren Nilsen, Hannah Aievoli



Brittney Allen, Tori Hoffmann, Brittany Tocco- Frank Loesser (Vocal) 

(20 Minutes with Narrations)

Guys and Dolls

“I’ve Never Been in Love Before” OR “If I Were a Bell”- Rosie Devito

“Marry the Man Today”- Anna Kirby (Miss Adelaide), Nicole Fauci (Sarah)

Most Happy Fella

“Ooh, my feet” - Amanda Geist (Cleo)

“Mama, Mama” - Alex Werthauer (Tony)

How Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

“Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm” - Sara Grossman 

“Been a Long Day”-  Presley Minerva (Rosemary), Alexis Levien (Smitty), 

Alex Werthauer (Finch)


Emma Barnett

Deanna Greenblatt

Dawn Luparello

Nicole Luparello

Marina Pan

Skylar Ransom


Ronni- Rodgers and Hart (Vocal)

(18 minutes approximately)

Babes in Arms

"Johnny One Note" — Julia Bremer 2:18

Medley (from Babes in Arms) 3:33

"Where or When" — Liam Parrish

"I Wish I Were in Love Again" — Doug and Ronni

"My Funny Valentine" — Megan Parr

"The Lady Is a Tramp" — Aaron Knigin (Cami Arzt as dancer)

Pal Joey

"Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" – Nicole Fauci 2:50

The Boys from Syracuse

"Dear Old Syracuse" – Doug Gallo, Liam Parrish 2:45

“Sing for your Supper”- Amelia Elbendary, Emily Turner, Alexis Levien 4:04



Marina Pan, Christine Ianiello, Hailey Kimmelman, Erica Grening and Bari Secondino




Jolie Sangiorgio, Ali Pick, Steven Vacnin - Stock Characters (Acting)


One Man, Two Guvnors

Francis Henshall: Zach Neiger

Charlie ‘Charlie the Duck’ Clench: Max Kirby

Pauline Clench: Brianne Sheridan

Harry Dangle: Nick Procopio

Allen Dangle: Jacob Goldberg

Lloyd Boeteng: Doug Gallo

Dolly: Danielle Schwetz


Chloe Matland

Camryn Cerino

Amelia Elbendary

Morgan Kaplan

Dawn Luparello

Marina Pan

Charlie Berin



Scapino: Jake Levy

Man in Bag: Max Kirby


Master of Two Servants

Smeraldina: Maritsa Koutsouras

Brighella: Ana Slobodov

Pantalone: Luke Cimorelli

Dottore: Josh Curry

Truffaldino: Mark Roberti


Chloe Matland

Camryn Cerino

Amelia Elbendary

Morgan Kaplan

Dawn Luparello

Marina Pan

Charlie Berin


Hariet and Nate- Neil Simon (Acting) 

(20 minutes)


The Odd Couple:

Oscar: Adam Castella 

Felix: Nick Procopio


Barefoot in the Park:

Corie: Erica Greening

Paul: Jacob Goldberg


Brighton Beach Memoirs:

Eugene: Jake Levy 

Kate: Anna Kirby

Jack: Zach Nieger

Stanley: Max Kirby

Blanche: Julia Oladipo

Nora: Skylar Ransom

Laurie: Erica Grening




Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Senior One Acts! The performance nights are June 2nd and June 3rd but the specific dates for each group are TBA. So, make sure you are available for both nights! Keep your eyes on the lookout for next week’s schedule! Congratulations to all!


We have approached hell week! That means that all cast members should be memorized! All rehearsals will be in the Little Theatre with the exception of Tuesday because construction for the air conditioning will be going on so rehearsal will take place in the auditorium. AP’s are still going on so if you have any conflicts regarding AP’s, let management know! Besides that, this is still hell week so there shouldn’t be any other conflicts. Any questions regarding the schedule, please contact management.


Monday: Rehearsal @ 3

- Music rehearsal and full run of Act 1

-Tech @ 7!


Tuesday: Rehearsal @ 3, rehearsal in auditorium

- Full of Act 2

- Tech @ 3! NO TECH NIGHT


Wednesday: Rehearsal @ 3

- Run both Act 1 and Act 2

- Tech @ 7!


Thursday: Rehearsal @ 7

- Run both Act1 and Act 2

- Tech @ 3! TECH NIGHT TBA

Friday: Rehearsal @ 3 in the LT

- Dress rehearsal!

TECH NIGHT TBA because of Relay for Life!


The officers are sorry to inform that the OTC Officer elections will not be occurring tomorrow. Many technical aspects of the show, including tech and paint, are not finished yet and we must have priority for Daisy Pulls It Off. The elections would take away an entire day of getting these things accomplished and we cannot afford to lose another day. Additionally, the wings of the auditorium are extremely disorganized! It is very difficult to walk through the wings because of this and therefore, it is a safety hazard. Tomorrow will be a tech day, starting at 2:30,  and we need all hands on deck! The more people that show, the more work we will get done.

The postponed date for the Officer elections will be Friday, starting promptly after school at 2:30! The elections will be held in the vocal room. Just as a reminder, only current thespians and thespian inductees will have the ability to vote.

Freshmen auditions will be occurring tomorrow still! They will begin around 3:15-3:30.

Again, the officers are truly sorry that the schedule had to be changed but we all want Daisy Pulls It Off to be as successful as it could be and in order to do so, we need to have a tech day tomorrow.

As always, any questions? Please do not hesitate to ask the officers!

Hey guys! May is an incredibly jam-packed month so below are all of the upcoming events just so guys could plan in advance if need be. I tried uploading an actual calendar so it would be easier to visually witness how packed May is but I couldn’t seem to get that to work so a list will have to do - my apologies! Additionally, anything that has an asterisk (*) will be explained below!

May 1: Outside Thespian points due

May 5: HELL WEEK begins






May 13: Opening night of Daisy Pulls It Off

  • Officer letter of intents* due
  • Relay for Life 7pm - 7am (May 13)

May 15: Cultural Arts Luncheon

May 16: Shakespeare auditions for juniors and sophomores only (The Shakespeare audition is performing a Shakespearean sonnet for all grades except 12th (14 lines))

  • Senior one acts auditions (If you are interested in auditioning for the senior one acts, there will be a sign-up sheet on the Callboard this Monday to sign up!

May 17: Shakespeare auditions for freshman and 8th graders

  • Officer elections at 3!!*

May 19: Second show of Daisy Pulls It Off!

  • Express Yourself show 8th and 9th period (excused from class 5th on)

May 20: Thespian Inductions in the Little Theatre at 1**

  • Closing night of Daisy Pulls It Off!

  • Cast party!! Location: TBA

May 22: End of year crew applications due, folder will be on the Callboard soon


June 2: Bambino scholarship (scholarship for one of the seniors) / Senior one acts (Musical night aka Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance)

June 3: Senior one acts (Play night)

June 4: The Play That Goes Wrong at 3pm, more details to come, less than 5 tickets left!

June 17: OTC BBQ at the Sangiorgio’s!*** More details to come

  • Groundhog Day at 8pm, more details to come

 *Officer elections are almost upon us! You must already be a Thespian or will be inducted this year to vote in the elections; the officer elections are completely democratic. To be eligible to run for an officer position, you must either already be a Thespian or will be inducted this year. All new and current thespians are allowed to run for any position, except Presidency which you can only run for if you currently are an officer. If you decide to run, you must write a letter of intent for that position and a brief speech to present at the elections on May 17th. Some points that you may want to address in the letter of intent are the reasons why you would be a good (state officer position), past leadership skills, etc. Depending on what you run for, the timing for the speeches goes as follows: Presidency and VP: 5-6 min max, Secretary and Treasurer: 3-5 min max, Scribes: 3 min max. The letter of intents are strictly due May 12th!

 **Apart of the process to induct you into the Thespian International Honor Society, there are questions to be answered based on your knowledge of drama and our troupe. If you answer the questions incorrectly, you will need to perform a dare decided by the Officers. This will take place at 1, and parents are invited to come and watch!

 ***The On Tour Company President’s BBQ is an annual event the President holds each year as the final On Tour event for the seniors but everyone is invited!! It’s a fun day you don’t want to miss! More details to come :)

  ****The Thespian Dinner is a formal dinner that Boosters plan to formally induct new Thespians into the society. If you will not be inducted as a Thespian or are already a Thespian, you are still encouraged to come as it is a memorable night! Boosters have sent out letters and emails regarding the dinner so please be sure to let them know if you will attend.

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask an officer!