Hello hello, On Tour! 

Evaluations will continue today, from 2:30-3:30, for the juniors! Woohoo! Here's the order of events:

Allison Braverman

Adrian Cabreja

Josiah Campell

Adam Castella

Conner Clement

Josh Curry

Nicole Fauci 

Sam Fortmeyer

Alexis Levien

Jake Levy

Chloe Matland

Presley Minerva

Liam Parrish

Ella Perez

Nick Procopio

Adam Rifas

Victoria Ruiz

Rachel Sabino

Danielle Schwetz

Makayla Stapler

Emily Turner

Kaylee Wurster

Gina Zazzi

Text me if you cannot make it! 516-582-5949

-Anna :)