Hello hello, On Tour! This week is an exciting one, because we've got, as usual, a great rehearsal schedule (less than one month, people! Let's show management the respect they need and work our hardest!). However, this week is a special one because this Wednesday, we've got our Crew Workshops! We'll have minor crew workshops in the afternoon, and then major crew workshops at 7 during the freshman parent orientation! For those freshman in Crescendo, there will be makeup workshops for you. As for Crew Chiefs of minor crews, please make sure that you have people there to do your workshop while you're kicking' butt in Show Choir!

So now that we know that, here's the rehearsal schedule for this week:


10/2 Rehearsal Schedule


Monday- @3

Block 4.1: Adam, Emily, Anna, Mark

Run 4.4: Mark, Alex, Emily, Doug


Tuesday- @3

Block 3.4: Emily, Max, James, Alex, Jacob, Maritsa

Block 2.3: Luke, Adam, Nick, Jacob, Max, Alex


Wednesday- @5

Block 4.6: Nick, James

Run 1.3: Nick, Liam, Rosie, Ben, Zach, Harry



Run 3.3: Josh, Emily, Rosie, Julia, Adrian, Doug, Mark, Luke, Zach, Alex


Friday-After students are allowed in (TBA)

5.1: Zach, Doug, Anna

5.2: Alex, Max, Jacob

5.3: Emily, Luke, Julia