Hello hello, On Tour! Here’s the schedule for the upcoming week!


Monday 10/9:

Columbus Day! Enjoy your day off! Start memorizing and work on your character analysis:)


Tuesday 10/10:

1.4- Anna, Josh C, Jake L, Luke C, James C,

3.4- James C, Maritsa, Jacob G, Max K, Anna, Alex W, Emily T( Block beginning and run the end).

4.6- Nick, James C


Wednesday 10/11:

Rehearsal at 4:30/5

4.5- Nick, Jake L, Zach N, Liam P, Mark R, Luke C, Anna

3.5- Zach, Liam, Anna, Doug G


Thursday 10/12:


pre 1.1

Run 1.3- Nick, Zach, Ben, Harry, Liam, Rosie


Friday 10/13:

No rehearsal, tech @ 4


Saturday 10/14:

Karaoke Car Wash!

Tech at 11:30

Rehearsal at 12:30




-Anna :)