Hello hello, On Tour!

There are some major changes being made this year as far as who is eligible to run for each Officer position. Please read the entire post, as it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT.


For this year’s set of elections, which will take place on MONDAY, MAY 21st, the following has changed:

-If you are an incoming Senior, you may ONLY run for the position of President or Vice President.

-ANY incoming Senior (Crew Chief or ACC) may run for the position of President.

-ONLY incoming Sophomores and Juniors may run for the position of Scribe, Secretary, or Treasurer.

Non CURRENT OFFICER applicants must provide a Teacher Recommendation Sheet (get from Anna), with 20 student signatures and 3 teacher's signatures, endorsing their level of maturity and competence in taking on a leadership role. 

While you all begin to consider what positions you want to run for, allow me to reiterate exactly what the jobs are of each Officer:


Scribes: The job of the scribes is to collect hours. As a scribe, it will be your responsibility to empty out the folders for the 2 grade levels that you are responsible for, and keep a detailed log of each person’s hours logged. You must know what crew they worked for on what day and for how long. In the middle of the marking quarter, you will be responsible for reminding people of whether or not they are sufficient for the quarter so far, which will be reflected on their progress reports. At the end of the marking quarter, it is your responsibility to convert each person’s hours to a number grade, which will then contribute to their Drama average for that quarter. Take notes at all Officer’s meetings, be present at all tech nights, and be prepared to pick up any of the responsibilities of any absentee Officers when necessary.


Secretary: The job of the secretary falls into two categories: Attendance, and Thespian Points. The job of the secretary is to be present for attendance at the beginning of every tech night, and to keep a detailed, organized binder of attendance at tech nights, which is used to cross check people’s hours and referenced for casting and grades. Your other job as Secretary is to log everyone’s thespian points at the end of each quarter, which means you have to collect them from crews and management before the quarter ends, and log them for each person so you have an accurate idea of who will be inducted at the end of the year.


Treasurer: The treasurer deals with any money coming in and out of the company. During the day (usually classtime), forms for purchase need to be filled out. After school, the treasurer should be around often in case people need to make purchases and need money from the safe. The treasurer must be organized, good with people, and willing to devote a lot of time. They also run the bake sale and handle the annual cookie dough order.


Vice President: The Vice President is responsible as head of the publicity crew to keep the public informed about our upcoming shows and events. Through operating the OTC Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook page, running ad drives, making trips / phone calls to local businesses, making promo videos / taking promotional photos, and creating a press release for each show to send to local newspapers - you’ll have your hands full, fear not. Alongside being head of publicity, the Vice President must work alongside the officers to ensure a constant flow of communication between Sal, officers, and crew chiefs with the rest of the company.  Encouraging optimal involvement from company members is a must, and when the president is absent, the Vice President steps in to fill their position. If you’re organized, tech savvy, ambitious, dedicated, and a “people person” - you’re ready!


President: The job of the President is all-encompassing. The job of the President is to be a leader in every sense of the word. You should be prepared to run the blog, and the Twitter. You will speak in classes, at tech nights, at boosters meetings, and run full company meetings. You will send out emails to teachers and administrators, interact very closely with Sal, and be constantly present to mediate, to control and to settle conflicts. You are responsible for being the voice of the students, as well as Sal’s mouthpiece. You’ll be in charge of attendance for field trips, and collection of permission slips. You will also run Crew Cheif meetings. Your job is to remain in communication with all members of management, heads of crews and giving freshman the rundown of our extremely particular program. You must be motivated enough to settle problems between students, and to be available for all meetings, open houses, back to school nights, etc. You will run eighth grade auditions and must be present to be in charge of the order of music, acting and dance auditions. When anything in any field requires slack to be picked up, it’s your job to act as a leader and a fixer. You must be serious and completely committed to take on this job- if you’re not ready to make this your life, I don’t suggest running.


In your speeches, you must uniquely show us how you fit the particular criteria for the position you’re running for.



President Speech, Vice President: : 5-6 minutes

Secretary, Treasurer: 3-4 minutes

Scribes: 2 minutes


Before you run, you must submit a Letter of Intent, describing the reasons for which you are deciding to run for your position (sort of like a crew application). These will be due by Friday, May 18th.



  • Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 8th, there will be a meeting for all students who are looking to become a Thespian this year, concerning requirements.


  • Thespian points will be due Monday, May 14th

  • Shakespeare auditions will begin Tuesday, May 22nd

  • Thespian Induction will be Wednesday, May 23rd


YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING ALL OF THIS INFORMATION. Checking the blog is your responsibility! With that, if you have ANY questions, please see Sal or Anna or text Anna at 516-582-5949.


Get ready for a very busy, very exciting month!

-Anna :)