Although we have a short week, here's the schedule for the rest of week regarding rehearsal and other events! 

Thursday 9/13: Tech Work starting around 3! Please come help out, it's a great opportunity to get some hours!

Friday 9/14: Mentor/Mentee Meeting! All freshmen, junior CCs, and seniors must attend! If you're not able to make it to the meeting and still want to be paired up, please contact one of the directors: Sam Fortmeyer, Kaylee Wurster, or Alexis Levien.

Rehearsal right after- 1.2 and 3.1

   Who's needed:

1.2- Sarah Multer, Adrian Cabreja, Luke Cimorelli, Sam Fortmeyer, Nicole Fauci, Morgan Kaplan, Zach Pakula, Nick Procopio, Max Unlu

3.1- Emily Turner, Gina Zazzi, Erica Grening, Claire Levausser, Luke Cimorelli, Nicole Fauci, Morgan Kaplan, Nick Procopio, Max Unlu, Adrian Cabreja, Samantha Fortmeyer, Zach Pakula, Breana Raehse, Nicole Luparello, Megan Trageser, Megan Hansen, Georgia Koutsouras 

Saturday 9/15 & Sunday 9/16: Merrick Street Fair! Another great opportunity to earn hours. Sign up sheets for character costumes and face painting are on the callboard! 

Have a great rest of the week OTC! :)