Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Calhoun High School Theatre Program

   Box Office Phone: 516-992-1377

Howdy, On Tour! This is the schedule for the very short but very fun week ahead! If you are a Sophomore and up, you'll have the chance to participate in improv on Friday. If not, PLEASE keep an eye out for the usher sheet that will be posted tomorrow. It's first come first serve! 


2.5 at 4 after Pulse- (Amelia, Aaron, Sarah, Zach, Max)


3.4- (Amelia, Dahlia, Erica, Aaron, Georgia, Josh, Sarah, Zach, Jack P, Max, Keith)


No rehearsal! Improv night! More info to come.

If you celebrate, have a great holiday! Other than that, have a great extended weekend, and I'll see you all on Wednesday!

-Morgan :)