Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Calhoun High School Theatre Program

   Box Office Phone: 516-992-1377

Happy Sunday, On Tour! I hope you had a great short week. Here's the schedule for the upcoming week.


5.1 (Morgan, Sarah, Luke, Erica, Nicole, Charlotte, Emma, Claire, Dawn, Josh, Keith, Jack, Dahlia, Georgia, Julianna, Leanna, Sharyn, Megan, Justin G, Max, Stephen, Aaron)


3.1 (Amelia, Dahlia, Erica, Morgan, Zach, Max)


No school! Easy fast to all who follow!


2.1, 3.3, 1.1, 1.4 (Josh, Stephen, Erica, Luke, Emma, Claire, Dawn, Nicole, Charlotte)

Tech Night @ 7


Emergency preparedness day- Tech in the afternoon once we can come back into the building (probably around 2:15)

Most likely a tech night at 7


Karaoke Carwash at MAMS! Tech will also be going on back at school. We will determine who goes where when it gets closer. 

PLEASE continue to sign up to sing on Saturday. Make sure you have your song downloaded onto your phone before hand. 

Have a great week!

-Morgan :)