Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Calhoun High School Theatre Program

   Box Office Phone: 516-992-1377

Hey, OTC! Welcome to hell week. Remember, tech is mandatory this week, so if you can't attend, please let an officer know ASAP! Here's how this week is going to go...



Tech day and night

Music rehearsal @4, run act one @7 (full cast)

Tech night is invite only. CCs will notify you if you are needed. 


Either tech after school @3 with act 2 run @7


act 2 @3 and tech @7 (depending on Monday's tech work). 


Tech day @3

Act 1 after pulse, act 2 @7:30


Tech day @3

Dinner will be supplied for cast and crew!

Dress rehearsal @7 


Tech and rehearsal @ 3


This week is OTC spirit week! 

Monday- Pajama Day!

Tuesday- Tropical Tuesday! (wear your tropical clothes)

Wednesday- Way Back Wednesday! (rock your best 60s look)

Thursday- crew color day

  • Tech- Plaid
  • Paint- Blue
  • Props- Denim
  • Costumes- Maroon
  • L/S- Black
  • Programs- Green
  • House- White
  • Publicity- Yellow
  • H&M- Pink
  • Pit- Grey

Friday- OTC Spirit Gear Day!


If you have any concerns, let an officer know!

-Morgan :)