Hey, OTC! FANTASTIC opening weekend. A huge congratulations is in order for both the cast and crew. I am beyond proud of all of you. With that, here's the schedule for this week!

Monday- Full cast meeting for notes @3! Run immediately after. 

Tuesday- Run @ 3.

Wednesday- Understudy dress rehearsal @3.

Thursday- Understudy performance @4!!

Friday- Rehearsal TBA. Dinner theatre rehearsal at 3. Show at 7:30!

Saturday- Call TBA. Dinner theatre call is 1. 

Understudies: If anyone is having any concerns or issues regarding the performance, PLEASE feel free to ask the person that you're understudy of for help! I know it can be stressful with the seemingly limited time, but we're always here for you. 

I can't wait to see what another week of rehearsal does to this already fantastic show. Get some rest and stay healthy!

-Morgan :)