Heyo OTC! I wish I had words to say about this weekend, but they're just not there. All I know is that I am SO proud of/extremely thankful to everyone who took part in making this show the success that it was. I hope you're all proud of yourselves. I also hope you've slept now that all that madness is over! Here's the schedule for this week.


Strike from 3-6 


Strike during pulse and until 5


Finish up strike @ 3 if needed

DON'T FORGET! Strike is... what KeithMANDATORY! You must get 3 hours of strike within the next week. NO EXCEPTIONS (unless you reach out to an officer with your conflict)!


-CCs: Get those thespian points in ASAP!

-Check the insufficient list (on the twitter) to see where you stand with your hours. 

-COOKIE DOUGH! Sell, sell, sell!

-SENIORS: Bring your playbills to strike for those who didn't get the chance to sign!

Have a great, relaxing week!

-Morgan :)