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Calhoun High School Theatre Program

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Hey, On Tour! I hope you all had a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Holiday Improv is right around the corner! There's a variety portion of the night, meaning that you can perform a holiday-related song, dance, skit, juggling routine, you name it! If you're interested, start preparing something, and have some of it ready by the audition date. It doesn't need to be completely finished; just have something ready so that we can see what kinds of acts are going to be included. You DON'T NEED to be participating in improv to perform (meaning that Freshmen can do it too!). Try to include a wide variety of holidays, especially weird, unheard of ones! 

With that, here's the schedule for the week:



Pgs 18-31 @ 3- Luke, Bari, Stephen, Morgan, Deanna, David

*Start decorating LT for Holiday Improv after school! 


Pgs 111-113 @ 3-  Bari, Stephen, Nolan, Sharyn, David, Lily, Megan T

*Continue decorating thru rehearsal if necessary.

*Santa Girls/Boys auditions from 4-5.


*Holiday Improv act auditions after Pulse @ 4.


Pgs 38-43 @ 3- Luke, Bari, Stephen, Morgan, Deanna, Dahlia, Charlotte


Pgs 114-121 @ 3- Bari, Aaron, David



Have a great week!

-Morgan :)