Hey, On Tour! Congrats on a fantastic and super fun Holiday Improv. Here's the schedule for this week.



QUICK strike in the LT right after school!

OIAL immediately following in the LT: 63-75- Bari, Stephen, Luke, Morgan, Deanna, Aaron, Nolan, Erica, Liam, Sharyn, Justin G



OIAL: Pgs 75-88- Luke, Bari, Stephen, Morgan, Deanna, Aaron, Nolan, Zach, Erica, Max, Sharyn, Mikey, Liam, Lily, Megan T



OIAL: Pgs 31-38- Deanna, Dahlia, Brianne, Sarah, Charlotte, Claire, Max, Mikey, Liam, Sharyn, Justin G, Julianna, Joey, McKayla, Jake, Kacie, Keith, Jackson, Megan H, Georgia

Band concert! Call time for ushers is on the usher sheet. Go show your support!



Auditorium strike

OIAL: 114-121- Bari, Aaron, David



Nothing! Have a fantastic break.


One more week, OTC! Let's make it a good one.

-Morgan :)