Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Calhoun High School Theatre Program

   Box Office Phone: 516-992-1377

Happy hell week, OTC! While this week will be one of a lot of hard work and long hours, we have to make sure we're still taking care of ourselves (sleeping, relaxing, getting all of our work done, SHOWERING(!!)). If there's anything you need to make this week a bit more bearable, PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out to me or any other officer.

***Also, it's important to remember that tech nights this week are now mandatory (unless you are excused), and there will be no more accepted conflicts for rehearsals. With that, here's the schedule!


Tech afternoon (3-6)

Full cast rehearsal @ 7 (transition work)


Run of Act 1 & 2

Tech @ 7


Run of Act 3

Tech @ 7


Full cast needed for stumble thru @ 3 (running crews included if needed (ask your CC))

Tech @ 7


Dress rehearsal @ 7 (running crews needed)

Dinner will be provided


Tech during the day 

Opening night!

*Cast and crew call times TBA

Don't forget! There will be tech going on during rehearsal each day as needed.

There you have it! Let's get this show together, and make this week as easy as possible. See you soon!

-Morgan :)