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Calhoun High School Theatre Program

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Hey, OTC! Congrats on yet another successful improv, and congrats to team 80's for the win!

Here's the schedule for this week.


Rehearsal @ 3: Block the Prologue through 1-2, Mary, Archie, Neville, Martha, Rose, Albert, Medlock, Shelley, Holmes, Shaw and Wright, Mrs. Shelley, Fakir, Lily, Ayah

Strike in the LT


Music rehearsal for Sean, Luke, Mario and Sarah

Continue strike and continue with a tech afternoon.



Tech work TBA



Tech work TBA


London time!


P.S.- To the cast, be sure to pay attention to the Groupme for important notifications like schedule changes and fittings!

Just one more week! London kids, get ready! As for everyone, I hope you have a fantastic break, and I'm excited to get to work for this next show!

-Morgan :)