Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Calhoun High School Theatre Program

   Box Office Phone: 516-992-1377

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic break. Thank you to everyone who came during break to help out! Here’s the schedule for the week. 



Ben, Mary, Martha, Dickon, Rose, Lily, Martha, Ayah, Fakir


Mary, Lily, Dreamers, Ayah 


Dickon, Martha, Colin, Mary, Fakir, Ayah, Dreamers, Ben, Lily, Rose, Albert 

Tech afternoon 


Tuesday: Vocal Full cast 

Tech afternoon


Wednesday: Ghost waltz dreamers at 4

Tech afternoon


Thursday: Vocal (people tba)

Tech afternoon  


Friday: TBA 

Tech night!


Saturday: Robert comes at 10:30 for dreamers. 

Tech during the rehearsal. 

More info will be released as soon as we get it! Thanks for your patience. Have a wonderful week back!