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Hi OTC! Here are the end of year crew decisions! Before we get into it, I have to preface some of the changes that will be coming next year. Although these positions are concrete, it's very possible that because of the limited work you all will be faced with, many people won't be needed all the time. Hour requirements will be different. Everything will probably be different. The old and new officers are coming up with ways to make next year as easy as possible.

With that being said, here are the final crew decisions of the year!

Hair and Makeup 

Head of makeup - isabelle O

Head of hair - Breanna

ccs - sharyn, Charlotte 

accs - megan h, ShirEl 

members- georgia, cassie, catelyn, isabelle p, annaliese, hannah, justin gomez



CC: Jillian Seibold, Max Unlu, Stephen Rini

Pit Tech liasson: Zach Pakula 

ACC: Ryan Barnett, Justin Gomez, Sean Condenzio 

Member: ShirEl Wolfstein, Keith Zazzi, Justin Ancona 



Hop: Nolan D

SA: Charlotte D

CC: Jill S, Rachel S, Justin G

ACC: Ryan C, Isabelle O

Painter: Jack P, Julianna B

Member: Neda F, Isabelle P, Jack M, Mckayla P

Apprentice: Emma D, Justine O, Cassie J, ShirEl W, Izzy W, Sabrina J




ccs - ben and sabrina

members - ryan c, Mackenzie o, kaitlyn



STD - Stephen 

ATD - Zach, max

MC - Sean

ACC - justin, keith

Carpenter - ben, jake, hannah, ShirEl, georgia, sal

Apprentice - zoe, joey, neda, reza


Lighting and Sound

Master Electrician: Claire L

CC: Megan H and Sam H

ACC: Isabelle P and Ryan B

Member: Amanda F, Joey F


Bake Sale 

Head of Bakesale: Keith Z

Crew Chiefs: Jack M, Claire L

Master shef: georgia, ryan

Sous Chefs: Izzy W, Emma D, EliNor W

Members: Justine O, Jillian S, Juliana B, Amanda F, Sabrina J



HOP: Charlotte Dippel

CC: Jack Parr and Nolan Donohue

ACC: Rachel Schleider and Megan Hansen

Members: Amanda Falls, Jack McDonagh, Julia Levy , Justine Olson

Showcasers: Zoe Gleicher, Georgia Koutsouras and Alex Ammerman



HOH: Jack P, Justine 

CC: Julia L Jack M

House Managers: Olivia C, Ryan C, Sam H, Olivia S

Member: Ryan B, Joey F, Isabel W, Shirel Elinor



Mistresses: Breana, Sharyn, Megan

CC: Caitlyn, Julia 

ACC: Laura, Anneliese 

Wardrobe Manager: Mario,  Leanna

Member: Jack P, Riley, Erika

Apprentice: Tali, Elinor




- Bella B, Nina G


- Kacie M


- Ryan B, Cassie J, Michael B, John F


- Jack M, Amanda F



Co-PD: Amritha and Georgia

ACC: David Padilla

Member: Megan And Breana


Congrats to everyone! Miss and love you all!

-Morgan :)