Hello hello, On Tour! Here is this week's schedule!



(2:15): Meeting for all people participating in the Hofstra Design competition

(3:00): Full Cast Vocal- Megamix



(After Crescendo): Shakespeare Rehearsal for Hofstra



(2:30): Shakespeare rehearsal

(After Express Yourself): Blocking Rehearsal (TBA)

(7:30/8): Work w Soloists (TBA)



(3:00): Full Cast Vocal Rehearsal- TBA


Hello hello, On Tour! Here are the Crew Decisions for second quarter!

Props Crew:

Props Master/Crew Chief - Jacob Goldberg, Megan Parr, Victoria Ruiz, Kara Vecchione
Assistant Crew Chief - Camryn Cerino, Nicole Luparello, Marina Pan, Adam Rifas
Member - Cathy Grossman, Jake Levy, Dawn Luparello
Apprentice - Alyssa Bernstein, Josh Curry, Amritha Jacob, Jessica Lin, Kacie McKeever, Steven Multer, Breana Raehse, Sharyn Schweitzer


Tech Crew:
STD: Rosie Devito, Max Kirby
ATD: Ben Libov
MC: Matt Lax, Harry Tepe
ACC: Jess Lin, Emily Turner
Carpenter: Amelia Elbendary, Deanna Greenblatt, Erica Grenning, Morgan Kaplan, Aaron Knigin
Apprentice: Sean Condenzio, Amritha Jacob, Julia Kirpilani, Georgia Koutsouras, Julia Olodipo, Rachel Sabino, Ana Slobodov, Victoria Stepanian, Zach Pakula, Stephen Rini, Max Unlu



Master/Mistress: Maritsa K, Lara K, Doug G

CC: Nicole F

ACC: Sam F, Dahlia F, Alyssa B

Wardrobe Manager: Deanna G

Member: Sarah M, Megan T, Sharyn S, Adrian C

Apprentice: Jordan N, Breana R, Christine I


House Crew:
House Manager: Matt Lax, Rachel Roth
CC: Aaron Knigin, Jessica Lin, Rachel Sabino, Morgan Kaplan
ACC: Hailey Kimmelman Bari Secondino
Member: Camryn Cerino, Lauren Nilsen, Skylar Ransom, Ana Slobadov

Apprentice: Amelia Elbendary, Erica Grenning, Jack Parr, Briana Raehse, Michelle Serban, Victoria Stepanian



HOP: Brett
SA: Jenna
CC: Rachel, Kaylee, Ella, Cami
ACC: Alexis, Adrian, Emma, Sara, Presley
Painter: Hailey, Bari, Chloe, Allie
Member: Julia, Lauren, Christine, Nicole, Dawn, Skylar
Apprentice: Amanda, Charlotte, Nolan, Jill, Isabelle, Jack P


Hair and Makeup:

Head of hair: Alexis

Heads of Makeup: Sam and Anna

CCs: Jenna, Cami, Deanna, Amelia, Presley*

ACCs: Adrian, Allie, Marina

Members: Megan, Dahlia, Jake, Morgan, Ana, Christine

Apprentice: Cathy, Jordan, Claire, Nicole, Emily



Head: Doug

CCs: Megan, Maritsa, Nicole

ACCs: Danielle, Gina

Assistant Social Media Supervisors: Charlotte, Jordan, Aaron, Dahlia

Apprentice: Jess Lin, Marina, Camryn, Nolan, Adam, Julia K, Jack M

Master Electrician: Zach Neiger

CC: Mike Devito, Laney Seibold, Danielle Schwetz

Sound Master: Gina Zazzi
ACC: Liam Parrish
Member: Claire Levasseur, Brianne Sheridan, Melanie Hernandez
Apprentice: Adam Castella, Zach Pakula, Jack Parr, Julia Kirplani, Victoria Stepanian


CC: Zach Neiger, Harrison Tepe
ACC: Jake Levy, Deanna Greenblatt
Member: Julia Oladipo, Nicole Luparello, Camryn Cerino, Dawn Luparello
Apprentice: Emma Barnett, Jillian Seibold

Hello hello, On Tour! What a WONDERFUL opening night! We are all glowing with pride, and we're so excited to watch the show reach its full potential! Here is the schedule for this week!

Tuesday (3:30):

-"Vocal repairs" on: Now I'm Here, Crazy Little Thing, Radio Gaga, Flash, review with Doug, Julia, Mike, Sara, Zach and Jacob for a half an hour for song cleanup

-Now I'm Here choreography fix


Tech (3:30-6)


Brush up at 3:30!

Friday and Saturday: 

Show 2 and 3! (CALL TBA)

-Anna :)


Hello hello, On Tour! Here is some important info about this week!

Letters for Crew Applications are due this Friday!

Thespian points are also due NO LATER than Friday!

Decisions from CC's are due to Sal and the Officers Tuesday!


Regarding auditions, the Flipgrid classroom code was sent out by Sal via remind- Please send in your audition before Sunday, preferably by Saturday! Good luck, wonderful people!


Contact me with any questions, at 516-582-5949

-Anna :)

There is a change in the schedule for today! Instead of doing our run through at 3, we'll be doing tech until 6:30, breaking for dinner and then running through act 2 at 7:30!