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Hey, OTC! The show is in full swing! Let's keep up the great work. Here's the schedule for the week. 




Fine white horse: Martha, Mary

Winters on the wing: Dickon, Mary

•Tech Day



•Vocal rehearsal before Hofstra rehearsal 

•Tech day



•Hofstra rehearsal (after dance)

•Dance: Dreamers for waltz and Cholera scene

•Tech day



•Hofstra day!! More details to come.

•Tech day



•Vocal 4-6


Lily’s eyes: Archie, Neville 

It’s a maze: Mary, Martha, Dickon, Ben

•Tech day and night



Dance : Dreamers (waltz, cholera scene)

-tech day


Have a great week!

-Morgan :)

Hi all! Hope you had a fantastic break. Thank you to everyone who came during break to help out! Here’s the schedule for the week. 



Ben, Mary, Martha, Dickon, Rose, Lily, Martha, Ayah, Fakir


Mary, Lily, Dreamers, Ayah 


Dickon, Martha, Colin, Mary, Fakir, Ayah, Dreamers, Ben, Lily, Rose, Albert 

Tech afternoon 


Tuesday: Vocal Full cast 

Tech afternoon


Wednesday: Ghost waltz dreamers at 4

Tech afternoon


Thursday: Vocal (people tba)

Tech afternoon  


Friday: TBA 

Tech night!


Saturday: Robert comes at 10:30 for dreamers. 

Tech during the rehearsal. 

More info will be released as soon as we get it! Thanks for your patience. Have a wonderful week back!

Hey, OTC! Congrats on yet another successful improv, and congrats to team 80's for the win!

Here's the schedule for this week.


Rehearsal @ 3: Block the Prologue through 1-2, Mary, Archie, Neville, Martha, Rose, Albert, Medlock, Shelley, Holmes, Shaw and Wright, Mrs. Shelley, Fakir, Lily, Ayah

Strike in the LT


Music rehearsal for Sean, Luke, Mario and Sarah

Continue strike and continue with a tech afternoon.



Tech work TBA



Tech work TBA


London time!


P.S.- To the cast, be sure to pay attention to the Groupme for important notifications like schedule changes and fittings!

Just one more week! London kids, get ready! As for everyone, I hope you have a fantastic break, and I'm excited to get to work for this next show!

-Morgan :)

Here are the 2020 mid year decisions! Congrats, OTC!



CCs-  Nicole,Marina, Dawn, Melanie, camyn 

ACCs- Nina, Bella, Kacie

MEMBER- Charlie, Danielle, Liam, Michael

APPRENTICE- Cassie, Ryan, Leanna, Steven, John 



HOP- Aaron Knigin

Crew Chiefs- Charlotte D Jack P

ACC- Nolan D

Showcase Supervisors- Jack M, Georgia K, Zoe G, Rachel S, Amanda Falls, Alex Ammerman

Members- Julia Levy, Megan Hansen, Dahlia Frier



CC- Aaron, Morgan, Hailey

ACC- Jack P, Jack M, Justine O

House Manager- Julia Levy

Member- Ryan Connolly, Olivia Caraciollo, Justin Gomez, Olivia Sabino

Apprentice- Joey F, Neda F, Izzy W, Kaitlyn S, Mackenzie O, Ryan B, Jillian S, Makenzie R




HOP: Emma Barnett

SA: Hailey Kimmelman, Bari Secondino

CC: Nolan Donohue, Charlotte Dippel, Jillian Seibold, Rachel Schlider 

ACC: Justin Gomez

Painter: Ryan Connolly, Jack Parr, Isabelle Oliver

Member: Julianna Belbol, Neda F, Sabrina Jones, Emma Dorfman

Apprentice: Justine Olson, Jack Mcd, Mckayla Parra, Mackenzie Reilly, ShirEl Wolfstien, Elinor Wolfstien, Izzy Wilkins, Isabelle Pan, Alex Ammerman



MISTRESS: Alyssa, Dahlia, Sarah

CC: Sharyn, Breana, Megan T

ACC: Caitlyn, Anneliese, Julia L


MEMBER: Mario, Leanna, Riley



Lighting & Sound

ME- Brianne S, Claire L

CC- Julia K, Megan H

ACC- Sam H

Member- Isabelle P, Ryan B, Amanda F, Joey F

Apprentice- Jake B, Alexa G




ccs - deanna, mikey

accs - sabrina, ben

members, kaitlyn, Mackenzie o, ryan c, julia O, 




Cc: Nolan Donohue Jillian Seibold Max Unlu

Acc: Zach Pakula Stephen Rini

Member: Keith zazzi Justin Gomez Ryan barnett Justin Ancona 




STD: Luke C, Deanna G 

ATD: Morgan K, Aaron K, Erica G

MC: Amelia E

ACC: Stephen R, Max U, Zach P, Sean C

CARPENTER: Justin A, Keith Z, Georgia K

APPRENTICE: Sal L, Jake B, Ben K, Hannah F, Julia O, Joey F, Neda F, Zoe G, ShirEl W


Hair and Makeup

HEAD: amelia & deanna

CC: dahlia, marina & Isabelle

ACC: sarah, sharyn

MEMBER: Annaliese Charlotte Megan Georgia Breana

APPRENTICE: Emma Hannah Julianna isabelle pan caitlyn justin gomez




Congrats, again, everyone!

-Morgan :)

Happy hell week, OTC! While this week will be one of a lot of hard work and long hours, we have to make sure we're still taking care of ourselves (sleeping, relaxing, getting all of our work done, SHOWERING(!!)). If there's anything you need to make this week a bit more bearable, PLEASE don't hesitate to reach out to me or any other officer.

***Also, it's important to remember that tech nights this week are now mandatory (unless you are excused), and there will be no more accepted conflicts for rehearsals. With that, here's the schedule!


Tech afternoon (3-6)

Full cast rehearsal @ 7 (transition work)


Run of Act 1 & 2

Tech @ 7


Run of Act 3

Tech @ 7


Full cast needed for stumble thru @ 3 (running crews included if needed (ask your CC))

Tech @ 7


Dress rehearsal @ 7 (running crews needed)

Dinner will be provided


Tech during the day 

Opening night!

*Cast and crew call times TBA

Don't forget! There will be tech going on during rehearsal each day as needed.

There you have it! Let's get this show together, and make this week as easy as possible. See you soon!

-Morgan :)