Happy Sunday, On Tour! I hope you had a great short week. Here's the schedule for the upcoming week.


5.1 (Morgan, Sarah, Luke, Erica, Nicole, Charlotte, Emma, Claire, Dawn, Josh, Keith, Jack, Dahlia, Georgia, Julianna, Leanna, Sharyn, Megan, Justin G, Max, Stephen, Aaron)


3.1 (Amelia, Dahlia, Erica, Morgan, Zach, Max)


No school! Easy fast to all who follow!


2.1, 3.3, 1.1, 1.4 (Josh, Stephen, Erica, Luke, Emma, Claire, Dawn, Nicole, Charlotte)

Tech Night @ 7


Emergency preparedness day- Tech in the afternoon once we can come back into the building (probably around 2:15)

Most likely a tech night at 7


Karaoke Carwash at MAMS! Tech will also be going on back at school. We will determine who goes where when it gets closer. 

PLEASE continue to sign up to sing on Saturday. Make sure you have your song downloaded onto your phone before hand. 

Have a great week!

-Morgan :)

Howdy, On Tour! This is the schedule for the very short but very fun week ahead! If you are a Sophomore and up, you'll have the chance to participate in improv on Friday. If not, PLEASE keep an eye out for the usher sheet that will be posted tomorrow. It's first come first serve! 


2.5 at 4 after Pulse- (Amelia, Aaron, Sarah, Zach, Max)


3.4- (Amelia, Dahlia, Erica, Aaron, Georgia, Josh, Sarah, Zach, Jack P, Max, Keith)


No rehearsal! Improv night! More info to come.

If you celebrate, have a great holiday! Other than that, have a great extended weekend, and I'll see you all on Wednesday!

-Morgan :)

Hey, On Tour! I hope you're ready for a very exciting week! Crew workshops are THIS TUESDAY, so CCs should be working on new ways to get the Freshmen interested while also teaching them valuable lessons and skills that will be the foundation for the rest of their crew education. No big deal, right? 

Freshmen, get excited! Try everything, and be sure to go in with an open mind. Who knows? You might surprised at what you find. Also, if you can't make it, please let an officer know ASAP. 

Here's the schedule for this week.


2.3, 4.1- Max, Stephen, Zack, Sarah, Morgan, Dahlia, Aaron, Amelia


Minor crew workshops @ 3

Major crew workshops @ 7


4.2- Amelia, Morgan, Aaron, Zach


PULSE auditions- go before rehearsal

3.4- Amelia, Dahlia, Erica, Aaron, Georgia, Josh, Sarah, Zach, Jack P, Max, Keith


3.2- Amelia, Sarah, Zach, Max


Have a fantastic week!

-Morgan :)

Hello, all! This is the information that was to be posted after the parent booster meeting.

Morgan Kaplan, President: 516-805-0796

Aaron Knigin, Vice President: 516-580-6875


Parent Booster Messages:

Want to congratulate your child on a fantastic performance in advance? Want to give a final "break a leg"? A parent booster is a great way to acknowledge their hard work in a playbill that they'll keep forever. All comments and wishes can be submitted at the booster meeting on October 15th. More information will be explained then.

Boosters are $5. You'll receive a portion of the page in the Twelfth Night playbill for all three nights. 

If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. Have a great weekend!

-Morgan :)

Happy Sunday, On Tour! Here's the schedule for this week:


Monday, 9/16

2.1, 3.3, 4.3- Josh, Stephen, Dahlia, Justin G


Tuesday, 9/17

2.4- Luke, Erica, Morgan, Nicole, Emma, Claire, Dawn, Charlotte

Wednesday, 9/18

1.5- Dahlia, Erica, Amelia, Aaron, Morgan, Georgia, Julianna, Leanna, Sharyn, Megan

Thursday, 9/19

Mentor/mentee reveal! Meet at 2:30 in the LT.

Friday, 9/20

1.2, 2.2- Erica, Nolan, Aaron, Michael, Jack P, Keith, Justin G.

Sunday, 9/22

Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebee's! Make sure you're spreading the word!

Wishing everyone a great week!

-Morgan :)