Hello hello, On Tour! Here is the schedule for the rest of the week!


60s day!

Tech @3

Dress Rehearsal @7

If you plan on eating at the booster’s dinner, please put your name on the signup sheet on the callboard! If your name is not on the sheet and you show up anyway, there will not be enough food for everyone!



OTC gear- publicize the show as much as possible!

No rehearsal, just tech!


SHOW DAY REMINDERS: Please bring your own makeup, bobby pins, undergarments and character shoes!



Tech and Cast call TBA

Halloweenfest @2:30, call TBA

Dinner Theatre auditions after Halloweenfest


Contact me (516-582-5949) or any member of management with any questions!


-Anna :)


Monday: @3

Pre 1.1- FULL CAST

1.1- Jacob G, Max K, Mark R, Alex W, Zach N, Liam P, Harry T, Ben L, Maritsa K, Julia B, Emily T, Jake L

1.2- Jake L and Mark R

3.2-Nick P, Emily T, Rosie D, Josh C, Doug G, Mark R, Alex W, Luke C, Jacob G


Tuesday: @3


4.1-Adam C, Anna K, Emily T, Mark R


Wednesday: @5 after Crescendo (Tech from 5-7, some tech until 8:30)

2.2-Liam P, Anna K, Rosie D, Ben L, Doug G, Zach N

4.4-Nick P, Liam P, Emily T, Julia B Doug G, Mark R, Alex W

1.4-Anna K, Josh C, James C, Luke C, Jake L


Thursday: @3 (Tech Night!)

5.2-Max K, Alex W,  Jacob G

5.3-Emily T, Julia B, Luke C

4.6-James C and Nick P


Friday: @3 (Tech Night!)

2.3-Luke C, Josh C, Nick P, Jacob G, Max K, Alex W

3.1-Nick P, Max K, Josh C, Mark R, Alex W, Luke C, Jacob G, Jake L


4.2-Nick P, Max K, Josh C, Alex W, Mark R, Luke C, Jacob G, Jake L


-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour! Here's the order and the times for afternoon workshops:






Hair and Makeup-Publicity-House-Video-Programs

Hello hello, On Tour! Here’s the schedule for the upcoming week!


Monday 10/9:

Columbus Day! Enjoy your day off! Start memorizing and work on your character analysis:)


Tuesday 10/10:

1.4- Anna, Josh C, Jake L, Luke C, James C,

3.4- James C, Maritsa, Jacob G, Max K, Anna, Alex W, Emily T( Block beginning and run the end).

4.6- Nick, James C


Wednesday 10/11:

Rehearsal at 4:30/5

4.5- Nick, Jake L, Zach N, Liam P, Mark R, Luke C, Anna

3.5- Zach, Liam, Anna, Doug G


Thursday 10/12:


pre 1.1

Run 1.3- Nick, Zach, Ben, Harry, Liam, Rosie


Friday 10/13:

No rehearsal, tech @ 4


Saturday 10/14:

Karaoke Car Wash!

Tech at 11:30

Rehearsal at 12:30




-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour! Today are our crew workshops- here's all the info you need! Meet in the auditorium at 6:45! I will tweet every time we move from station to station!

First Station:


Second Station:


Third Station:


Fourth Station:


Fifth Station:


Here's the order in which we will rotate:


Once you've completed all five sessions, return to the auditorium!

-Anna :)