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Happy Sunday, On Tour! Here's the schedule for the week. Also, if you're auditioning for Matilda, be sure to have your 16 bar cut (from any musical) prepared for auditions, which will be coming soon!


Talent show sound check AND VSCO girl rehearsal with Sal. If you texted me, you must be there!



Callbacks TBA (if needed)


Talent show! Come show your support!


Possible read thru.


Possible read thru.

See you tomorrow!

-Morgan :)

Heyo OTC! I wish I had words to say about this weekend, but they're just not there. All I know is that I am SO proud of/extremely thankful to everyone who took part in making this show the success that it was. I hope you're all proud of yourselves. I also hope you've slept now that all that madness is over! Here's the schedule for this week.


Strike from 3-6 


Strike during pulse and until 5


Finish up strike @ 3 if needed

DON'T FORGET! Strike is... what KeithMANDATORY! You must get 3 hours of strike within the next week. NO EXCEPTIONS (unless you reach out to an officer with your conflict)!


-CCs: Get those thespian points in ASAP!

-Check the insufficient list (on the twitter) to see where you stand with your hours. 

-COOKIE DOUGH! Sell, sell, sell!

-SENIORS: Bring your playbills to strike for those who didn't get the chance to sign!

Have a great, relaxing week!

-Morgan :)

Hey, OTC! Welcome to hell week. Remember, tech is mandatory this week, so if you can't attend, please let an officer know ASAP! Here's how this week is going to go...



Tech day and night

Music rehearsal @4, run act one @7 (full cast)

Tech night is invite only. CCs will notify you if you are needed. 


Either tech after school @3 with act 2 run @7


act 2 @3 and tech @7 (depending on Monday's tech work). 


Tech day @3

Act 1 after pulse, act 2 @7:30


Tech day @3

Dinner will be supplied for cast and crew!

Dress rehearsal @7 


Tech and rehearsal @ 3


This week is OTC spirit week! 

Monday- Pajama Day!

Tuesday- Tropical Tuesday! (wear your tropical clothes)

Wednesday- Way Back Wednesday! (rock your best 60s look)

Thursday- crew color day

  • Tech- Plaid
  • Paint- Blue
  • Props- Denim
  • Costumes- Maroon
  • L/S- Black
  • Programs- Green
  • House- White
  • Publicity- Yellow
  • H&M- Pink
  • Pit- Grey

Friday- OTC Spirit Gear Day!


If you have any concerns, let an officer know!

-Morgan :)

Hey, OTC! FANTASTIC opening weekend. A huge congratulations is in order for both the cast and crew. I am beyond proud of all of you. With that, here's the schedule for this week!

Monday- Full cast meeting for notes @3! Run immediately after. 

Tuesday- Run @ 3.

Wednesday- Understudy dress rehearsal @3.

Thursday- Understudy performance @4!!

Friday- Rehearsal TBA. Dinner theatre rehearsal at 3. Show at 7:30!

Saturday- Call TBA. Dinner theatre call is 1. 

Understudies: If anyone is having any concerns or issues regarding the performance, PLEASE feel free to ask the person that you're understudy of for help! I know it can be stressful with the seemingly limited time, but we're always here for you. 

I can't wait to see what another week of rehearsal does to this already fantastic show. Get some rest and stay healthy!

-Morgan :)

Hey, OTC! Welcome to pre-hell week! We've made it... remarkable, right? This means that a bunch of crazy stuff is coming your way: headshots, more tech nights, longer rehearsals, fittings, etc. PLEASE try to get sleep and stay healthy! Also, make sure you're checking in with yourself. Mental health is just as important as physical. 

Here's the schedule for the week:

Tuesday, 10/15- 

1.3, 2.3, 2.5, 3.2, 4.2 (Max, Amelia, Zach, Morgan, Sarah, Aaron) music rehearsal @7 (Breana, Justin A, Hunain, Julia, Morgan)

Tech night @ 7!

If you're in PULSE and are interested in auditioning for Dinner Theatre, see Dahlia and Luke at some point during the night.

HEADSHOTS will also be taking place during tech in the drama room.

Wednesday, 10/16-

Dinner theatre auditions @ 3 for anyone not in PULSE

(@ 4) - 1.5, 2.2, 3.1 (Dahlia, Erica, Amelia, Morgan, Aaron, Zach, Max, Julianna, Leanna, Megan, Sharyn, Georgia) 

Thursday, 10/17

1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 2.4 (Luke, Erica, Nicole, Dawn, Claire, Emma, Charlotte, Breana, Justin A, Hunain, Julia, Morgan)

Tech night @ 7!

HEADSHOTS will continue if you haven't taken one already. 

Friday, 10/18

(from 2:30-4)- 5.1 (Luke, Dahlia, Morgan, Aaron, Sarah, Zach, Max, Nicole, Charlotte, Emma, Claire, Dawn, Stephen, Josh, Erica, Jack, Keith, Julianna, Leanna, Georgia, Megan, Sharyn)

Tech night @ 7 for anyone not attending homecoming.

For Dinner Theatre auditions, please try to make a selection from Mama's and the Papa's, Peter Paul and Mary, Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Judy Collins, Simon and Garfunkel- 1966 or earlier.

Also, Calhoun Spirit Week starts tomorrow! Get pumped and participate!

Finally, there will be a sign up for Halloweenfest on the board this week. 


I know that was a lot of info, so be sure to take it all in, and have a great night! See you this week.

-Morgan :)