Hello hello, On Tour! Since today starts full company pit cleanup, and we expect full attendance (ッ), we will start evaluations in the auditorium today, starting with the sophomores! If you cannot make it for any reason at all today, text me and let me know! Here are your appointments:

2:30- Hannah A.

2:35- Emma B.

2:40- Charlie B.

2:45- Peter C.

2:50- Camryn C.

03:00- Luke C.

3:05- Amelia E.

3:10- Jayden F.

3:15- Dahlia F.

3:20- Leorah G.

3:25- Deanna G.

3:30- Christine I.

3:35- Morgan K.

3:40- Hailey K.

3:45- Aaron K.

3:50- Dawn L.

3:55- Nicole L.

4:00- Sarah M.

4:05- Lauren N.

4:10- Julia O.

4:15- Marina P.

4:20- Skylar R.

4:25- Bari S.

4:30- Brianne S.

4:35- Anastasia S.

-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour! Here's the schedule for this week as of now:

Monday 9/25:

NO REHEARSAL- Mandatory pit cleanup for all of OTC! Attendance will be taken, which, as always, will affect casting!

Tuesday 9/26:

Run and finish blocking 1.1 and 1.2- Jacob, Max, Mark, Alex, Zach, Liam, Ben, Harry, Maritsa, Emily, Julia, and Jake

Wednesday 9/27:

2.2- Zach, Anna, Ben, Liam, Rosie, and Doug

3.5- Zach, Anna, Liam, Doug

Thursday 9/28:

4.5- Nick, Jake, Luke, Liam, Mark, Anna, Zach

Monologues with Zach and Anna

Friday 9/29:

NO REHEARSAL- Have a healthy Yom Kippur! L’shana tovah! :)

-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour!

This Friday afternoon after school, we will have our annual Mentor/Mentee speed dating event! Directors Megan Parr and Max Kirby will be running an event for Freshman and Seniors (and potentially juniors) to meet quickly to determine their top contenders for Mentor/Mentee. Then, you'll be paired up according to your choices and how they match with someone else's, and there will be a celebration when we'll find out the pairings! See you in the cafeteria on Friday after school!


-Anna :)

Schedule for the week of 9/18:


Monday 9/18:

        1.1- Jacob, Max, Mark, Alex, Zach, Liam, Ben, Harry, Maritsa, and Jake

        1.2- Jake, and Mark

        3.1- Alex, Mark, Jake, Max, Jacob, Nick, Luke, and Adam R

Tuesday 9/19: 

The Mentor/Mentee reveal party will be held in the auditorium after school before rehearsal!

        1.4- Jake, Anna, Adam R, Luke, and James

        5.1- Anna, Zach, and Doug

5.2- Alex, Max, and Jacob

Wednesday 9/20:

        TBD(most likely nothing because of Rosh Hashanah)

Tuesday 9/12:

        1.3- Nick P, Liam P, Rosie D, Ben L, Harry T

        2.2(after Quickly exits)- Ben L, Zach N, Liam P, Doug G

Wednesday 9/13( will start at 3:30 or as soon as tech meeting is over):

        3.1- Mark R, Jake L, Jacob G, Alex W, Nick P, Luke C, Liam P

        3.2- Nick P, Emily T, Rosie D, Adam R, Doug G, Mark R, Alex W, Luke C, Jacob G

        3.3- Zach N, Emily T, Julia B, Adrian C, Josh C, Rosie D, Doug G, Luke C, Alex W, Mark 

Thursday 9/14:

4.4- Nick P, Liam P, Emily T, Julia B, Doug G, Mark R, Alex W

2.1- Nick P, Anna K, Emily T, Ben L, Julia B, Doug G, Jacob G, Harry T

2.2(beginning before Mistress Quickly’s exit)- Zach N, Anna K, Rosie D, Ben L

5.1-5.3- Anna K, Doug G, Zach N

Friday 9/15:

        FULL CAST

        Pre 1.1 and 1.1