Hello hello, On Tour!

This Friday afternoon after school, we will have our annual Mentor/Mentee speed dating event! Directors Megan Parr and Max Kirby will be running an event for Freshman and Seniors (and potentially juniors) to meet quickly to determine their top contenders for Mentor/Mentee. Then, you'll be paired up according to your choices and how they match with someone else's, and there will be a celebration when we'll find out the pairings! See you in the cafeteria on Friday after school!


-Anna :)

Tuesday 9/12:

        1.3- Nick P, Liam P, Rosie D, Ben L, Harry T

        2.2(after Quickly exits)- Ben L, Zach N, Liam P, Doug G

Wednesday 9/13( will start at 3:30 or as soon as tech meeting is over):

        3.1- Mark R, Jake L, Jacob G, Alex W, Nick P, Luke C, Liam P

        3.2- Nick P, Emily T, Rosie D, Adam R, Doug G, Mark R, Alex W, Luke C, Jacob G

        3.3- Zach N, Emily T, Julia B, Adrian C, Josh C, Rosie D, Doug G, Luke C, Alex W, Mark 

Thursday 9/14:

4.4- Nick P, Liam P, Emily T, Julia B, Doug G, Mark R, Alex W

2.1- Nick P, Anna K, Emily T, Ben L, Julia B, Doug G, Jacob G, Harry T

2.2(beginning before Mistress Quickly’s exit)- Zach N, Anna K, Rosie D, Ben L

5.1-5.3- Anna K, Doug G, Zach N

Friday 9/15:

        FULL CAST

        Pre 1.1 and 1.1

Hello hello, On Tour! Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! In true OTC fashion, we will be jumping headfirst into work this year, so here's tomorrow's lowdown to keep you in the loop!

Merry Wives of Windsor read through will take place in the Drama room at 3! Please show Maritsa, Danielle and Lara your utmost respect by being on time and ready to go! 

Work begins! The street fair is this weekend, so Costumes will be preparing and pulling character costumes! Contact someone on Costumes Crew if you're looking for work, but act fast, because we don't want to swarm them!

On Thursday, work will continue and read through will continue if it's unfinished. More on that plus potential upcoming CC meeting and info about evaluations to come tomorrow! 

I hope everyone had a stellar first day; get ready for a great year!

-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour!

Our Annual Applebee's fundraiser will be this Sunday, September 17th, from 8 to 10am! If you are over 16 years old, you are eligible to volunteer to greet and seat, serve food and beverages, and bus tables! We need 17 volunteers who will, of course, receive hours for their volunteering! If you're under 18 and planning to volunteer, you'll need to get a waiver signed (waivers will be in a folder on the callboard) by a parent of guardian and bring it with you on Sunday morning to be collected by Peri Hinden! All volunteers must also pay for a ticket, which is $13, and of course that means you'll get to eat as well as get a fun oppurtunity to volunteer (beef up those college apps)! Lastly, if you're volunteering, please wear your OTC gear! 

If you have any questions, contact me at 516-582-5949!

Have a stellar second week!

-Anna :)