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Calhoun High School Theatre Program

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Hey OTC! Happy Hell Week! I just wanted to say how proud I am of all the hard work you are doing and how strong everyone is being under the circumstances. We are truly making the best of all we can do. As it is Hell Week everything will most definitely be stressful!! If you ever need someone to talk to myself or any other officer or anyone in the company is here for you. Let's make the best out of this show which I know we will. Everyone who has had their hand in this production deserves a round of applause. There will be tech after school and during rehearsal, speak to your crews CCs for info on that. Amazing work done by all! I love you all so so much, have a fantastic Hell Week <3

Monday- Mamma Mia themed!

Cast B ACT 1 (1.1-3.1) 4-6ish depending on when Pulse ends.

Tech Night @7


Tuesday- Twin Tuesday

Cast A ACT 1 (1.1-3.1) starting at 3

Tech Night for ONLY PAINT AND LIGHTING AND SOUND unless ur crew was said u can work- @7


Wednesday- Pajama Day

Cast A ACT 2(3.2-5.1) 3-6

Cast A dress rehearsal at night around 7:30


Thursday- Crew Color day 

Paint- Tie Dye

Costumes- Red

Props- Blue

Tech- Plaid

Lighting and Sound- Black

Cast B ACT 2 (3.2-5.1) from 3-6

Cast B dress rehearsal at 7:30


Friday- OTC wear!


-Nolan :))

Hi OTC hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. As we get closer and closer to the show things might become more stressful and if you're feeling overwhelmed with anything never be afraid to reach out. As you are aware if you are in the show your Who's who will be due 11/13 and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Have a wonderful week.

Monday- Run Acts 1 and 2 Cast A: Players, Solinus, Egeon, Antipholus of Syracuse and Ephesus, Dromio of Syracuse and Ephesus, Adriana, Luciana, First Merchant, Gaoler/jailer, Headsman/jailer, and officers.


Tuesday- Run Acts 1 and 2 Cast B: Players, Solinus, Egeon, Antipholus of Syracuse and Ephesus, Dromio of Syracuse and Ephesus, Adriana, Luciana, First Merchant, Gaoler/jailer, Headsman/jailer, and officers.

Tech Night @7

Wednesday- No School! Happy Veterans Day!! 


Thursday- Half day and online. Enjoy your Thursday. 


Friday-  Run 5.1 Cast A and B.

Tech Night @7


-Nolan :)

(Name) is a (adjective that starts with what grade you are in)(your grade) who is very excited to be part of On Tours production of The Secret Garden. He/she has had an amazing time working on this show and hopes you enjoy it as much as they do! You may have seen them in (list some past OTC shows you’ve been in). He/she would like to thank Mr. Salerno for this opportunity. Have a great night!


If you need to see an actual one here’s mine

Nolan Donohue (stage manager) is a Justine  junior who is excited to be stage managing this wonderful musical. He hopes you enjoy this show just as much as he does. Nolan has had such a great time working on this show. You may have seen him in Merry Wives of Windsor, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Grimms, Peter and the Starcatcher, Playing for TimeTwelfth Night and Once in a Lifetime. It’s been a great pleasure to be on management for this show!! He’s had a great pleasure working with his fellow stage manager Marina :)) have a great night!!



-Nolan :)

Hey OTC hope you all had a happy Halloween! Don’t forget to keep asking crews if you could help and try helping all, you’ll love them!! 

Monday  pre 1.1

Nuns, dr. pinch, courtesean, dromio of Ephesus, Antipholus or Ephesus, dromio of Syracuse, Antipholus of Syracuse, leonardo, adrian and 1st merchant. 


Tuesday enjoy the day off OTC


Wednesday Trunk or Treat💀🎃👻 


Thursday act 4, cast A


Friday act 4, cast B 


Act 4 is everyone EXCEPT jailers, 1st merchant, Balthazar, nelle/luce, Emelia, Egeon and Solonus 


-Nolan :)