Although we have a short week, here's the schedule for the rest of week regarding rehearsal and other events! 

Thursday 9/13: Tech Work starting around 3! Please come help out, it's a great opportunity to get some hours!

Friday 9/14: Mentor/Mentee Meeting! All freshmen, junior CCs, and seniors must attend! If you're not able to make it to the meeting and still want to be paired up, please contact one of the directors: Sam Fortmeyer, Kaylee Wurster, or Alexis Levien.

Rehearsal right after- 1.2 and 3.1

   Who's needed:

1.2- Sarah Multer, Adrian Cabreja, Luke Cimorelli, Sam Fortmeyer, Nicole Fauci, Morgan Kaplan, Zach Pakula, Nick Procopio, Max Unlu

3.1- Emily Turner, Gina Zazzi, Erica Grening, Claire Levausser, Luke Cimorelli, Nicole Fauci, Morgan Kaplan, Nick Procopio, Max Unlu, Adrian Cabreja, Samantha Fortmeyer, Zach Pakula, Breana Raehse, Nicole Luparello, Megan Trageser, Megan Hansen, Georgia Koutsouras 

Saturday 9/15 & Sunday 9/16: Merrick Street Fair! Another great opportunity to earn hours. Sign up sheets for character costumes and face painting are on the callboard! 

Have a great rest of the week OTC! :)



Here's the crew decisions from the end of last year! Reposting it because it got deleted. Please let us know if there's any omissions!


Tech Crew:

STD: Emily Turner
ATD: Luke Cimorelli, Morgan Kaplan
MC: Amelia Elbendary, Deanna Greenblatt
ACC: Aaron Knigin, Erica Grening
Carpenter: Jess Lin, Zach Pakula, Stephen Rini, Victoria Stepanian, Max Unlu

Apprentice: Georgia Koutsouras, Reza Aziz, Julia Kirpilani, Julia Oladipo, Sean Condenzio, Amritha Jacob, Ana Slobodov, Charlie Berin


Lighting and Sound Crew:
Master Electrician: Gina Zazzi, Danielle Schwetz
CC: Liam Parrish
ACC: Brianne Sheridan, Claire Levasseur
Apprentice: Julia Kirpilani, Victoria Stepanian, Jackson Katz


House Crew:

CC: Morgan Kaplan, Hailey Kimmelman, Aaron Knigin, Rachel Sabino
ACC: Erica Grening, Jess Lin, Lauren Nilsen

Member: Breana Raehse, Justine Olson, Zach Pakula

Apprentice: Olivia Sabino, Camryn Cerino, Isabelle Oliver, Jack Parr, Tali Gekhman, Reza Aziz, Jack McDonagh, Skylar Ransom


Publicity Crew:

Head of Publicity: Emily Turner

CC: Nicole Fauci, Aaron Knigin, Alexis Levien

ACC: Gina Zazzi, Dahlia Frier

Assistant Social Media Supervisor: Charlotte Dippel, Marina Pan

Apprentice: Camryn Cerino, Julia Kirpilani, Megan Trageser, Sarah Multer


Pit Crew:

CC: Nick Procopio

ACC: Adam Castella

Pit/Tech Liaison: Morgan Kaplan’s

Member: Nolan Donohue


Costumes Crew:

Mistress/CC: Nicole Fauci, Sam Fortmeyer, Dahlia Frier, Alyssa Bernstein

ACC: Sarah Multer
Wardrobe manager: Sharyn Schweitzer, Megan Trageser

Member: Deanna Greenblatt, Breana Raehse

Apprentice: Jordan Novak, Jack Parr


Hair and Makeup Crew:

Head of Makeup: Sam Fortmeyer
Head of Hair: Alexis Levien
CC: Deanna Greenblatt, Amelia Elbendary, Marina Pan
ACC: Jake Levy, Dahlia Frier, Nicole Fauci
Member: Emily Turner, Allie Braverman, Adrian Cabreja, Claire Rosenberg
Apprentice: Isabelle Oliver, Christine Ianniello, Sarah Multer


Bake Sale Crew:

Executive Chef: Amelia Elbendary
Master Chef: Kaylee Wurster, Julia Oladipo, Bari Secondino
Sous Chef: Victoria Stepanian, Georgia Koutsouras, Jack McDonagh


Paint Crew:

HOP: Kaylee Wurster

Scenic Artist: Ella Perez

CC: Adrian Cabreja, Emma Barnett, Chloe Matland

ACC: Hailey Kimmelman, Alexis Levien

Painter: Nolan Donohue, Bari Secondino, Charlotte Dippel, Jillian Seibold

Member: Lauren Nilsen, Isabelle Oliver, Jack Parr, Allie Braverman

Apprentice: Christine Ianniello, Georgia Koutsouras, Olivia Sabino, Sam Fortmeyer, Claire Rosenberg, Dawn Luparello


Programs Crew:

PD: Jake Levy
CC: Brianne Sheridan
ACC: Alyssa Bernstein, Emily Turner, Amritha Jacob
Member: Max Unlu, Jordan Novak, Nolan Donohue, Georgia Koutsouras
Apprentice: Breana Raehse, Megan Trageser


Video Crew:

CC: Jake Levy
ACC: Nicole Luparello, Julia Oladipo, Deanna Greenblatt, Mikey Johanson

Member: Dawn Luparello, Jillian Seibold, Jayden Forte

Apprentice: Camryn Cerino, Charlie Berin


Props Crew:

Props Master: Adam Rifas, Victoria Ruiz
CC: Camryn Cerino, Nicole Luparello, Marina Pan
ACC: Dawn Luparello
Member: Josh Curry, Jake Levy, Steven Multer
Apprentice: Alyssa Bernstein, Jayden Forte, Amritha Jacob, Jessica Lin, Kacie McKeever, Sharyn Schweitzer, Megan Trageser


Room Crew:

CC: Dahlia Frier

ACC: Gina Zazzi, Emily Turner, Aaron Knigin, Morgan Kaplan, Amelia Elbendary

Members: Jake Levy, Camryn Cerino, Hailey Kimmelman


Hey OTC! I hope you all had a fantastic first day back! We have A LOT of events coming up in September so make sure you're on top of all of these dates!


Wednesday, 9/5 (TMRW): Midsummer Read Through @ 3

Thursday, 9/6: Tech work @ 3

Friday, 9/7: Midsummer Read Through continued @ 2:30


Wednesday, 9/12: Mentor/Mentee Director letters of intent AND ASM letters of intent are due!!!

Friday, 9/14: Mentor/Mentee Meeting @ 3! ***ALL freshmen, sophomores new to the company, junior crew chiefs, and seniors should attend!

Saturday, 9/15 AND Sunday, 9/16: STREET FAIR!!! ***Info regarding the street fair and sign up sheets will be on the callboard soon. 

WEEK OF 9/16

Thursday 9/20: Mentor/Mentee Reveal @ 3!!!

Friday 9/21: Coltfest (OTC will have a booth)

WEEK OF 9/23

Sunday, 9/23: Applebee's Flapjack Fundraiser @ 8 AM 

Monday, 9/24: Minor Crew Workshops @ 3 in the Drama Room! All freshmen MUST attend!

Tuesday, 9/25: Major Crew Workshops @ 7 PM in the Auditorium! All freshmen MUST attend. (This will be happening at the same time as the New OTC Parent Orientation) 

Saturday 9/29: Karaoke Car Wash @ MAMS 10 AM


~Gina :)