Hello hello, On Tour! This is the itinerary for this Sunday’s trip!


-Meet at train station at 9

-Take train at 9:24

-Workshop at 10:45

-Lunch at Planet Hollywood




Final list of attendees:

Brett Allison

Adam Castella

Luke Cimorelli

Mike Devito

Amelia Elbendary

Tim Fine

Sam Fortmeyer

Doug Gallo

Erica Grening

Jenna Hinden

Morgan Kaplan

Anna Kirby

Max Kirby

Aaron Knign

Maritsa Koutsouras

Georgia Koutsouras

Claire Levasseur

Zach Neiger

Nick Procopio

Skylar Ransom

Adam Rifas

Danielle Schwetz

Brianne Sheridan

Megan Trageser

Emily Turner

Max Unlu

Kara Vecchione

Alex Werthauer


Rehearsal and tech schedule 3/19-3/23
All Tech areas ( Construction , paint, props costumes, programs, lighting & sound will be ongoing around rehearsals. Afternoon and evening as per crew needs.


Act 2 at 3PM, as much of act one as possible before dinner
Dinner at 6!
Remainder of act one: 7:15
Lighting during dinner
End 9:30-9:45, pickup at 10!


3:30 act 1 with pit musicians until 6
7:30 Robert finish everything missing Mega/Benjamin/Pharaoh etc
End 9:30-9:45, pickup at 10

3:30-6 act 2 with pit musicians
7:15 performance problems
End 9:30-9:45 pickup at 10


Possible Dance rehearsal with Robert or dance captains

Tech all afternoon
Rehearsal Dinner at 5:15
Mic call at 6:15
Dress rehearsal at 7


Possible Dance rehearsal with Robert or dance captains

Tech all afternoon
Booster Dinner at 5
Mic call at 6:15
Curtain 7:30


Curtain is at 2pm
Meet and greet immediately after with selected principles
5:15 dinner courtesy, of Miss Hollings
Mic call at 6:15
Curtain 7:30



Monday - Pajama Day

Tuesday - Technicolor Tuesday

Wednesday - Whiteout Wednesday

Thursday - Crew Day

Friday - OTC Gear


Have a gratifying week, OTC! Your hard work will pay off! I promise!


-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour! Here is the schedule for this week! #12Days

Monday - 3-5PM
NEEDED: Megan, Ben L, Jenna, Choir

Tuesday at 3:00 PM - Dance (One More Angel - Brothers, Wives, Jacob, Female Dancers)


Wednesday - 6:30PM
*All Brothers*


Thursday 3:30 with Robert - Full Cast

Friday - 3:00 Dance Rehearsal

Saturday - Full Cast blocking at 10AM


Tech 11:30


Any questions? Text me at 516-582-5949!


-Anna :)

Hello hello, On Tour! Here is the schedule for the week!


Monday 3:15 - 5:30PM:

Full Cast (Vocal Rehearsal)
Tech Night (Tech / Lighting)


Afternoon / Evening with Robert = Full Cast

Wednesday 5:30 - 7:00 PM:

Full Cast Vocal
8:00 - 9:30 - Blocking


2:30 - 6:00 PM:Blocking
7:15: Principles Vocal
Tech - 8/8:30 TBA

Friday afternoon

3:15 - 5:30: Full Cast Vocal
Tech / Rehearsal: 7:00 PM TBA


Full Cast at 10AM

Tech Day

Hello hello, On Tour! There will be tech nights this Thursday and Friday! See you there!