Theatre Reviews

  1. Rare photographs that take you backstage and inside the audition rooms for the musical that celebrated “La Vie Boheme.”
  2. Charly Evon Simpson’s quietly commanding play chronicles gynecological experimentation on American slave women in the antebellum South.
  3. Andrew Barth Feldman, a high school junior on Long Island, is an ardent theater fan who has been acting since he was 8. Now he’ll be leading the cast in his favorite show.
  4. The festival, presented by St. Louis Actors’ Studio, comprises three one-act plays by Mr. LaBute: “Great Negro Works of Art,” “The Fourth Reich” and “Unlikely Japan.”
  5. Negotiators try to role-play their way out of global conflict in this gripping play by Helen Banner. It doesn’t always make sense, but can still thrill.