Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District
Calhoun High School Theatre Program

   Box Office Phone: 516-992-1377


Master Electrician- Megan Hansen and Isabelle Pan

CC- Joey Fiscella 

ACC- Savannah Radisch and Danielle Dukofsky 

MEMBER- Ryan Barnett, Amanda Falls, Izzy Wilkins



HOP- Justin Gomez

SA- Julianna Belbol 

CC- Neda Farhangian 

ACC- Alexa Gardner, Jackie Dobbs

PAINTER- Megan Eisenstein, Gabriella Vallerugo 

MEMBER- Ava Nau, Ifra Ali, ShirEl Wolfstein, Alexa Blum, Lana Guber, Mackenzie Riley 

APPRENTICE- Ashley Biggins, Carlee Hanna, Jordan Ovalle, Emma Dorfman 


CC- Bella Buono, Nina Genzone, Cassie Johansen

ACC- Alexandra Radinsky, Jackie Dobbs, Sophia Jones, Gabreilla Vallerugo 

MEMBER- Ryan Barnett, Danielle Dukofsky, Izzy Wilkins, Amanda Falls, Mackenzie Riley, Mia Hamud, Alexa Gardner 

APPRENTICE- Ava Nau, Ifra Ali, Liam O’Connor, Karen Oladipo 


STD- Jake Baglio 

MC- Hannah Friedman

ATD- Keith Zazzi 

ACC- Justin Ancona, Ben Knigin

CARPENTER- Maggie Dippel, Joe Clement 

APPRENTICE- Gabriella Logvin, Alexa Blum, Lexi Beller, Lana Guber, Jordan Ovalle, Briana Okolie, Justin Gomez


HEAD OF COSTUMES: Caitlyn Rahese, Julia Levy 

CCS- Mario Medina, Lee Cheeseman 

ACC- Gabriella Logvin 

WARDROBE MANAGERS- Jayna Burke, ShirEl Wolfstein

MEMBERS- Mackenzie Riley, Alexa Gardner 


HOP- Justin Gomez

CC- Megan Hansen, Joey Fiscella

ACC- Julianna Belbol, Isabelle Pan

MEMBERS- Amanda Falls, Mackenzie Riley, Caitlyn Rahese, Jackie Dobbs 

SHOWCASERS- Lexi Beller. 

(**probationary** Alex Ammerman, Zoey Gleiche, Emma Dorfman**)



HEAD OF MAKEUP- Isabelle Pan

HEAD OF HAIR- Caitlyn Rahese, Emma Dorfman 

CCS- Julianna Belbol, ShirEl Wolfstein

MEMBER- Mario Medina, Julia Levy, Alexa Gardner 



APPRENTICE- Jackie Dobbs, Lexi Blum



HEAD OF HOUSE- Julia Levy 

ACC- Ryan Barnett, Izzy Wilkins, Gabriella Logvin 

APPRENTICE- Sophia Jones, Savannah Radisch



CCS- Ben Knigin, Sabrina Jones

ACC- Hannah Friedman

MEMBER- Isabelle Pan




Congratulations to all!!! Next year is gonna be SOOOOOO INCREDIBLE! Get pumped :)


-Megan <3

On Tour, I don’t know what to say. Thank you all for an incredible high school journey and thank you for making this year such an incredible one. I love you all so much and this is me signing off. Make sure to stay in touch! Love Nolan :)❤️

Happy Hell Week OTC!!!! I'd just like to say that everyone has done such an amazing job and all of our hard work is about to be showed off. To the seniors, happy last OTC Hell Week, remember to take every second in and most of all to have fun. To everyone, this is a fun show and is very funny, get ready to rock that stage!! <3

Here are the colors for each crew

Paint- Tie Dye 

Tech- Plaid

Costumes- Maroon

Lighting- Black

Props- Blue

Video- White

House- purple

***Rehearsals will all be at Brookside


PJ Day

3-6 stumble through Act 1

Tech Night at 7



A Musical Day (Wear something from a Musical)

3-6 stumble through Act 2

Tech Night at 7



Renaissance Day

3-7:30 run through full show with costumes

Tech Night



Crew Color Day (look above to see what color your crew is)

Dress Rehearsal! Call is 3!! Dinner 5:30 and come back 6:30 to get ready!!



OTC gear

Opening night!!!!!!! Call is 4:30, dinner is 5:30

Show 7:30 


Call TBA


-Nolan :)

Hey OTC I just wanted to congratulate everyone in the cast and crew for such a successful run, you should all be so proud of yourself. Here is this weeks schedule with some important information. Just a reminder that people need a MANDATORY amount of at least 3 strike hours!!!!! If you plan on running for an officer for the next school year please submit a letter of intent AND 15 signatures of already thespians to me on Thursday at the informational meeting. The letter of intent is the same as the signatures. Make the document and ask current thespians if they can put their name down below the letter of intent. It is due THURSDAY!! If you have any questions feel free to text me. Elections will be June 1st. If you have any questions with what to put in your speech and or letter of intent you can text me.










To anyone planning on running for an officer position for the next school year you MUST attend an informational meeting about all the positions after school. ALSO letters of intent for what officer position you are running for are due today and the signatures are due to me at the meeting.


-Nolan :)

Hey OTC, hope everyone had an amazing weekend and an amazing mothers day! There will be work after school everyday so please make sure and go and help out!!! We are getting closer to the show so we need to get this stuff done!!!!!!



at 3

run 1.2-1.9 scenes only


full cast except sean c




At 3

Will Power and rest of act 1- act 2 scenes only


full cast 




at 3

tap review with Breana


everyone who taps in the show

John at 4

we see the light and welcome to america


full cast


tech night

at 7 




at 3

We see the light and welcome to america with Rob at Calhoun


full cast 



Friday- First day of Hell Week

after school moving stuff over to brookside 

john at 4

will power and to thine own self be true


full cast


tech install at brookside at 7



Full Cast



-Nolan :))